why i am blocked sir Edit

On the old site we had a spam filter who was not the... um... the brightest of spam filters. He would block any comments that had the same content as previous comments by that user, and if you had too many links in a post it was likely for it to get caught in Spamwise's dark abyss of posts. Once, he sent the message, "why i am blocked sir," to HD after she cleaned up some posts that might have been spam, or at least seemed suspicious. Some people thought it was pretty funny, and it turned into a site-wide meme.

(I have a bad memory and I'm not sure if I got the facts entirely right, so if someone has a different version of what happened, feel free to change this.)

*inserts header* Edit

It is hard to find a nanoer that doesn't write out their actions in asterisks

Examples include:



*hugs ito* (ito means "if that's okay", for those that don't know)

*munches cookie*

*drowns in abyss*

Muffins, Pizza Donuts, and the Elevator Edit

NaNoWriMo TV was a thread in which the elevator was always broken, the muffins made you fly, and the pizza donuts made everyone go nuts.

Also glitter.

And billions plastic chicks raining down upon us.

And dragons.

Occasionally a Christmas Party at 1 a.m. on November 1st.