What is TOREP?Edit

So glad you asked! Well, my name is CP, and I am the TOREP Leader. As such, I am the most qualified to explain it to you. TOREP is The Organization of Really Evil People, and our sole purpose is to be evil and also plot world domination.

What sorts of food does TOREP offer?Edit

We have muffins. Please don't ask for anything else or I will be forced to ban you forever from our headquarters.

What sort of dastardly organization would ever oppose TOREP?Edit

That is the question I ask myself every day. But, sadly, there is an organization that seeks to oppose our wonderful TOREP! It is called TASER, and it was created specifically to stop us! Horrifying, I know. Luckily, if you join TOREP today, you can stop their awfulness alongside us!

How can I join TOREP?Edit

Simply follow this link and request an evil title.