Warrior Cats (Warriors) has many roleplays on the YWP of NaNo. This is where we will tell you about them, and explain each one individually.

Warriors: The Tales Forgotten Edit

A roleplay started by gloriagator on January 4th, 2017, Warriors: The Tales Forgotten is about a single prophecy. Except for the fact that your character can come from any alternate timeline wanted by the NaNo-er, allowing almost endless possibilities of book character related OCs.

The storyline follows a group of kits, who each wake up in a cave with no memory of how the arrived there. Later in the roleplay, most of the kits have escaped and are now wandering the Dark Forest.

Allegiances Edit

Dark Forest

Sweetheart- Calico she-cat with soft blue eyes, bunny-able. /Gloriagator

Leafskip- Light-colored tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes /Rosamind


Brightkit- White and light orange she-cat, with light colored eyes. Power: Healing. /KittykatAS

Ashkit- Dark gray with white tipped tail, ears, and paws. Power: Invisibility /KittykatAS

Turtlekit- Mottled tortoiseshell she-cat with blue eyes. Power: Camouflage /HopeKitty

Fernkit- She-cat who looks like this. Power: Can walk in the dreams of others /FeatherKwami

Jasperkit- Small and stocky black tom with a paralyzed hind leg Power: Light and Shadow /Mage_of_Myst

Whisperkit- Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes Power: Enhanced Senses /Anikad

Silent Fall- Black she-cat with dark gray and light gray dapples, white spots that look like fallen stars, dark blue eyes. Mute. Power: Mind Speech / Yelling /Gloriagator

Sunkit- Golden she-cat with amber eyes. Power: Wind (can be used to fly). Now evil. /Gloriagator

Warriors RiverClan Edit

"Hello! Welcome to RiverClan. To make this clear, it takes place YEARS after the final series of warriors, and none of the original plot will be recovered." ~Mage_of_Myst, owner
This RP was started October 21, 2016, but was shut down and re-started partway through November that year. Its plot daily revolves around everyday dealings of the cats, with the underlying problem of a war with WindClan and a cross-Clan ship, MoonshineXFallenflower.

Ships Edit

  • Moonshine X Fallenflower (Mates; kits are Rosekit, Ashkit, and Hopekit)
  • Feathersong X Rippleclaw
  • Mistfeather X Pinespots (Mates)
  • Leafpaw X Spiderpaw
  • Goldenlilly X Stoneskip (Mates; kits are Moonshine, Feathersong, Toadkit, Jasperkit, and Willowkit.)

Allegiances Edit


Sparkstar: A white tom with flame-colored maned paws. (Apprentice: None) -Everyone

Medicine Cat:

Rainsong: Spotted blue she-cat. (Apprentice: None) -Everyone


Mistyfeather: A large, long-furred white she-cat with deep, striking green eyes. (Mate of Pinespots) (Apprentice:  Spiderpaw)  -Mage_of_Myst


Leafpaw: Light-colored tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes.  (Mentor: Frostfern) -Rosamind

Spiderpaw: Small, brown tom with darker brown bits and green eyes. (Mentor: Mistyfeather) -ContheHuman


Frostfern: ?(Description Needed)? She-cat. (Apprentice: Leafpaw) -ALeopard

Stoneskip: Grey speckled tom. (Father of Feathersong and Moonshine and Jasperkit, Willowkit, Toadkit. Mate of Goldenlily.) (Apprentice: None) -Mage_Of_Myst

Silverripple: Wavy-haired slender she-cat, group character (Apprentice: None) -Everyone

Leopardclaw: golden tom with green eyes (Apprentice: None) -ALeopard

Pinespots:  Spotted brown tom with yellow-green eyes (This) (Mate of Mistyfeather) (Apprentice: None) -Rosamind

Feathersong: Silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes. (Daughter of Stoneskip and Goldenlilly and sister of Moonshine and Jasperkit, Toadkit, and Willowkit.) (Apprentice: None) -Anikad

Rippleclaw: Light gray tabby tom with dark blue eyes. (Apprentice: None) -ALeopard

Skystrike: Gray she-cat with blue eyes. -Dapperpaws


Goldenlilly: Golden tabby she-cat with blue eyes. (Mother of Moonshine and Feathersong and Jasperkit, Toadkit, and Willowkit. Mate of Stoneskip) (Apprentice: None) -Anikad

Moonshine: Dark grey (black?) she-cat with blue (?) eyes. (Daughter of Stoneskip and Goldenlilly, sister of Feathersong and Jasperkit, Toadkit, and Willowkit. Mate of Fallenflower. Mother of Hopekit, Ashkit, and Rosekit.) (Apprentice: None) -FeatherKwami


Jasperkit: Spiky, stocky small black tom. -Mage_Of_Myst

Toadkit: ?(Description Needed)? Tom. -?FeatherKwami?

Willowkit: ?(Description Needed)? She-cat. -Anikad

Hopekit: She-Cat with dark gray fur, dappled with lighter shades. Small, with one eye lower than normally and her muzzle kinda twisted and sounds weird. -Gloriagator

Ashkit: Dark grey she-cat with green eyes. -KittykatAS

Rosekit: Pink-white she cat. -Kittykatrth

Unborn Kits & Other Clans:

Fallenflower: Speckled Tom of ShadowClan. (Father of Ashkit, Rosekit, and Hopekit. Mate of Moonshine.) -Mage_Of_Myst

Windwhisper: Rogue, belongs to no Clan. Black and white fur with yellow eyes. -Dapperpaws

Birdkit: Unborn kit, light gray-green pelt speckled with white, brown eyes. -Dapperpaws

Name Changes Edit

Moonpaw and Featherpaw to Moonshine and Feathersong

Fallenpaw to Fallenflower

Ripplepaw to Rippleclaw (January 9th, 2017)

Warriors: Legends Of Power Edit

A roleplay started by gloriagator on January 6th, 2017, and co-owned by FeatherKwami and Anikad, this roleplay is set in a very different Warriors world. Similar to the the forest territory, the land of this roleplay is different in some, not so minor ways. For one thing, Windclan and Thunderclan territories are switched, for another there are no thunderpaths or twolegplaces. The Windclan camp and territory are made up of floating islands, with lava below. The Thunderclan territory (previously WC moors) are larger, and there is less prey. Also, Riverclan is completely flooded. And then there is how each clan has its own power.

WindClan has wings.

ShadowClan has the ability to walk between shadows, called 'shadow walking'.

RiverClan has gills, and long ribbon-like tails.

ThunderClan has the ability to shapeshift into one animal per cat.

Allegiances Edit

Allegiances for this roleplay are located onthis google doc. They would be too long to put here.

SunClan and MoonClan Rebooted Edit

Based on Frostwarrior27's dead thread, co-owned by Mage_of_Myst, FeatherKwami, and Rosamind, this roleplay was started on January 3rd, 2017. Info found in this google doc.