WRIMOS is a highly popular Nano gossip magazine created, written, and published by users Em (SpanishInquisition), Juliet (juliet13), and Centaur (centaur), aka A Centaur, A Goat, and Three Armadillos.

The first issue of WRIMOS was published on April 7, 2018 and highlighted a breakup between the popular NanoShip Emulexis (Emu and Alexis) and Emu's new feelings for Goat, as well as a story on Astro's (AstroWriterGirl) illegal avacado dealing.

The second issue, published April 27, 2018, detailed on a cheating scandal between Centaur, Centaur, and Owly, a banana-prompted epic swordfight party showdown between Vivi (taako) and Emily (EmilyWynters), and the death of beloved Nano-er Cal (calypso) and the cult-like religion that followed in her wake.

WRIMOS has received high reviews and the approval of many.