Roleplaying is a wonderful thing NaNo offers, and I consider it the best roleplaying website I've ever been on. I myself have made many roleplays such as OC Star Wars, Kids of Villains, Despised and Rich, Miss Peregrine's School and Home..., Future War, and others. My favorite part about the roleplaying forms is the fact that people cannot make exclusive roleplays, and the fact that anyone can make a roleplay. It's just a wonderful setting. Another of my favorite things is the safety of NaNo. The no cursing, no explicit stuff rule, and others make the website safe for all. I appreciate this greatly in so many ways. Overall, Nano's roleplaying form is the best one I've seen before. I know I will continue to create roleplays, participate in roleplays, and enjoy myself until I'm 17. -RyanRossisBoss (YWP Nanoer)