"HD and QA?"

This is a random snippet of YWP culture. It first began before the 2017 Wipe, on the "READ THIS FIRST: Welcome to Recess and NaNoWriMo" page in Recess. Queen_Alice made a post saying "HD?", an acronym for Heather Dudley, clearly intending to ask a question. HD responded with "QA?". After there was no response for a while, Anix (Anix_Nightshade at the time) replied with a "HD and QA?" Someone else responded with "HD, QA and AN?" and the Chain was born.

Rebirth after the WipeEdit

After the Wipe, several people clearly intended to restart the Chain on the new version of the same thread in Recess. Writing_Bearifficly made a post asking "RD?" (Rob Diaz). However, the first two responses were ">.>" from Jung and "I just died laughing" from Squirrel. Then Heather replied with "To the games forum, guys! *looks sternly*". This kind of sparked a little bit of silliness which ended up in the Chain migrating to a new (inactive) thread in G&S.  

G&S threadEdit

The G&S thread has been deleted as spam. :(