Drinking my tea

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Introduction! Edit

space_enjolras is a user on the YWP site. he first joined when he was in fourth grade, but wasn't on the forums until october 20, 2016. he considers this his "true" nano birthday.

space can commonly be found on quiltbag, recess in general but specifically curious people, his art shop, and most groups and clubs threads that apply to him. he is rarely in games and silliness or roleplaying.

things space has been called:

  • space; by most of the site
  • spacey; by Zenna
  • enj; by Simba

Cool Facts About Space Edit

  • far more passive agressive than he seems
  • blue hair!
  • very gay
  • part of The Genna NaNoFam
  • does stand up comedy because there's nothing he likes better than people laughing at things he says
  • is scared of being shipped
  • likes les mis
  • wow. such trek. very five year mission.
  • is continually surprised when people have squishes on him, despite the fact that it has happened multiple times now.
  • aesthetics, man. aesthetics.
  • tries to be rebellious but likes following rules too much for his own good