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Overview Edit

Rosamind is a user who joined in 2016 and quickly found her home among the forums.

NaNo Forme Edit

Rosa's NaNo Forme is a Toa's Apprentice; she's kind of like a human, but with an elemental ability (Air) and the ability to use the powers of Kanohi masks. She's on the short side of average, with a silver braid pulled straight back that goes just past her shoulders. She wears a navy blue headband over it, which matches her navy-and-khaki school uniform. She also wears glasses over her green eyes.

NaNo Family Edit

NaNo CrushEdit

ConfusedCon (Connor; Con)

NaNo Twin Edit

PurpleDragon (Kenna; Purple)

NaNo Sisters Edit

FeathersofZelda (FeatherKwami; Tetra; Zelda; Feather; Quincy; Moony)

Dapperpaws (Shiny_Vaporeon; Shiny; IHateShiny; Vee; CP)

PurrfectGirl (Purr)

The Rosa Clan Edit

Anix_Annabeth(Anix; Rosa_mind_)

MystytheMiraculous (Mysty; Rosamand)

Princess_of_Space (Mel; Rosa_Mind)

Anime4Life (Caitlyn; AnotherFakeRosa)

Kittyrth (Kitty; Rose; Rosakit; Rosemind)

The Re-Rosa Clan Edit

Jai (Jai; Jimmy; Jazzi; Jimzi; Rosajim)

Writing_Bearifficly (WB; Cambria; Rosamindifficly)

Aan (That One Rebel; Rosaan)

Mysty (Rosamyst)

Princess_of_Space (Mel; Rosa_Mind)

Finchflame (Finch; Rosamind_Larkthorn)

Shiny_Vaporeon (Vee; Shiny; IHateShiny; CP; Creepy Pony; Rosamind_Twissy)

PurpleDragon (Purple; Kenna; RosaDragon)

TheSquirrelScribe (Squirrel; RosaScribe)

ScienceLogan (Logan; Rosamond)

SnowQueen (Snow; Snowsamind)

Fandoms Edit

Rosa has so many fandoms she's afraid of making a list because she's sure she'd leave some out. Suffice it to say that she absolutely ADORES LEGO BIONICLE

The Rosalution Edit

On the 26th of January, 2017, MystytheMiraculous and Rosamind switched usernames. Confusion ensued. Then Anix_Annabeth created a thread called Mysty and Rosa in Games and Silliness. The confusion was cleared up, but those on the thread decided to change their profile picture to Rosamind's profile picture. Then they changed their usernames to be more Rosa-y. Mysty and Mel even changed their bios to Rosamind's bio.

Anix_Annabeth and Anime4Life went back to their original users that night.

For a breif time on the 27th, Kittyrth was a Rosa. On the same day Mel and Mysty changed back to their regular users.

Re-Rosalution Edit

On the 28th of June, 2017, Rosamind dared Jai to change their username to Rosajim and their pro pic to this. Then Writing_Bearifficly joined as Rosamindifficly. By the next day, many more (including Mysty and Aan) had joined. Even on the 30th, many were still Rosas!