that damn nerd. talks too much about voltron. supreme leggy overlord. creator of leggles, fishcakes, panic! at the nano, usthis, yamspoop, and various other bits of stupidity.

Nonagon (otherwise known as Nonallura, Nona, or the Fishcake Master) is a Professional Human Being who currently haunts the YWP forums under the username of alivingmetaphor. She joined in April 2017. 


In August of 2017, Nonagon was attempting to create a chat thread for her and Rosamind. The thread was supposed to be titled "Nonagon and Rosa and Whoever Wants to Stalk Us Now". However, Nonagon inserted an extra "This" in between the "Us" and "Now". Fellow Nanoer and Shipping Duchess CP started shipping the two words and later coined the ship name UsThis. 

Since it's creation, UsThis has also spawned a Ship Week (August 20-26) as well as a rival ship, ThisUs.


Nonagon is the creator, leader, and possibly only member of TOREN (The Organisation of Randomly Eviloverlordish Nanoers). TOREN is an independent party in the TASER vs TOREP war and although it has no affiliation, is despised by TOREP leader CP.


NaNo FamilyEdit

Nano Twin

- Dapperpaws 

Nano- Parabatai

- underHiswings

The OTP Trinity

- Dapperpaws

- Rosamind

Roletron Fam

- Dapperpaws

- frizzie2

- ScarlettDragonWriter

- Rosamind

- otterowlgoddess

- underHiswings

- _Gee_

- RainbowUnikittyCat

- J_

Nonagon is also a child of Genna's Extensive NanoFamily

Trivia Edit

- Nonagon is a member of the Voltron Legendary Defender, Shadowhunters, Warcross, Magnus Chase, Magisterium, Harry Potter and Lunar Chronicles Fandoms

- She is the current CEO of Roletron

- Nonagon has a very distinct style of speaking, which includes saying "Thanks you", "Hai", and calling everyone and everything a fishcake.

- She is also the co-creator of YamSpoop

- She currently Roleplays Allura in Roletron and an OC named Caron Lyn in Operation Polaris

- Her previous usernames include golden_sunrise57, everything_is_9, NamelessNonagon, lance_can_dance, and VLDParabataiMode