About Edit

Javret (Aka Jarvis) has been on NaNo since the old site, but became active in the forums in 2015, and very active in 2017.

Jarvis does have a real name, but it is not Jarvis.

Known for her profile image, Leslie Knope Jarvis is a huge park's and rec fan.

Writing Edit

Jarvis is not that great of a writer. No one has ever read her NaNoWriMo novels, and no one ever will. When she isn't writing a fun story that gets wildly out of control, Jarvis is writing boring naratives and practicing writing for SAT and college essays.

Jarvis's Personal Life Edit

Jarvis likes to play with her cat in her spare time.

Jarvis also enjoys watching comedies. Bob's Burger, The office, Park's and recreation, Speechless, and the Goldberg's are some of her personal favorites.

In 2017, Jarvis played cello with her orchestra at Carnegie Hall. She is a clasical cellist who has been playing for over six years.

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