In which we shall explain everything to those who haven't understood half of what we NaNo-ers say.


This is an inside joke of the Warriors: Riverclan roleplay, made by a roleplayer called 'FeatherKwami' when responding to a post asking if she wished for her character to have kits. She responded that yes, she would, because: DRAMA!!

Ever since members of that roleplay have been quoting her, and it has become an inside joke.

Anikad's obsession with destroying Gaddien on OC Star Wars Edit

OC Star Wars is a roleplay created by ryanrossisboss. It has over 4,000 posts and is well used by the members. Gaddien, a ship between two charachters, is always under pressure by one roleplayer who loves adding complicated plot twists to pressure Gaddien.

The Attack Shoe Edit

The inside joke of The Mysterious Benedict Society For Mysterious Children. It was started by roleplayer gloriagator, who had one character with an attachment to her shoes. This was due to the fact she didn't have to tie them, but later she lost one of the shoes. Since then the character 'Sunny' has had her shoe floating by her side, ready to attack.

POWERADE. The most deadly poison of the century. Edit

Thought up by gloriagator in the roleplay I.N.S.A.N.E. (A RP BASED OFF OF 'THE GIRL WHO COULD FLY') in which the characters of the roleplay can easily be disabled by injecting Powerade into their body.


An inside joke from the Hangouts version of the Nanoland RP, in which various moles stole various Nanoer's shoes (until they were befriended by Mysty, who convinced them to give back most of the shoes).