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  • New-Siters Thread
  • Quincy, her NaNo forme. It was drawn by her.

FeatherKwami, known as Feather, is a NaNo-er who joined on November 2nd 2016. She is the owner of Le Kwami Inn, creator of the term "New-Siter", and creator of this Wiki. Her NaNo forme is an anthropomorphic Sylveon with angel wings. She created the DRAMA!! meme, and is owner of the Animales characters Quill and Rufus. She also created the popular original Pokémon characters, Glacier the Glaceon and Quincy the Sylveon.

In September of 2017, she changed her username to "FeathersOfZelda".

On December 26, 2017, she deleted her account due to various personal issues.