Games and Silliness is a forum in NaNoWriMo. In Heather Dudleys stickied post, she says...

Welcome to the Games and Silliness forum! Here is where you'll post all your fun games. Recess will be reserved for everything else that doesn't quite fit. ;) If you're posting random nonsense in Recess, it will get moved here without notice.

The kinds of posts here will move fast, and likely fall off the first page quickly... that's okay! Bookmark your favorites. Note that the 500 post rule no longer applies. That's a limit for our old site! You don't have to restart threads anymore. 

What doesn't go here? General chats and roleplays, for starters. If it's not a game of some kind, then there's probably already a place for it. This is just to give you a chance to find more-- substantial posts over in Recess. Recess is for conversations. Games is for silliness!

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