Saur's Profile picture, unchanged since he joined.


Bulbasaursucks, more commonly known as Saur, joined YWP in the summer of 2013. He just kinda does stuff, and is most notably active in the RP Forum. His username originated "While I was a very biased child", and, along with his profile picture, has remained unchanged throghout his career. Saur is 17 and resides in a scorpion-infested house in Southern Arizona

Early YWP CareerEdit

Saur joined YWP in mid-2013, as his Junior High School's Library was promoting the site and thought he'd give it a shot. Almost instantly, he got sucked into the RP threads dominating the site at the time, even creating a few of his own. This period was characterized by his complete lack of social interaction with other Nano-ers and generally not doing much of anything. 

The High School YearsEdit

Freshan year-Edit

High School presented a series of interesting challenges for Saur. He was growing (kinda) in reputation but was still plagued by social ineptitude. In the Summer of 2014, he created his most well-known RP, In the Deep of Nuclear Winter. It was during the course of this RP that he met Cinderstar747. The two became fast friends, plotting ways to mess with their charries. It culminated in the fall of that year when the two became Nanomarried and have remained so for the past three years. 

Sophomore Year-Edit

The following year was an uncharateristcally inactive period for Saur, mostly due to being frequently grounded. 

Junior Year-Edit

In 2016, Saur returned to Nano only to see his once-beloved site be "destroyed" by the new one. Overcome by both boredom and bitterness, he went into a year-long hiatus.

Senior Year-Edit

In late 2017, Saur returned to YWP rather quietly because quote "I got bored of being bored with it". He has resumed his RP career and has rebuilt a name for himself in the new site.


In 2017, Saur also joined the organization TOREP, rising high in their ranks to settle, ironically, as the High-Plant Inquisitor. Along with his totally not evil Weedwhacker Jerry, the gallavant around, committing heinous acts of mass Herbicide. 


Saur has many friends on the YWP Site, most notably among them being (you all know who you are):

  • CP
  • Pun
  • Mac
  • Cinder
  • Sparks
  • Wolf