Overview Edit

Bookdragon (a.k.a. Nova) is a user that joined the old NaNo site in either 2012 or 2013. Her pen name is Europa Lee Miller. She wears fake geek glasses because she is a huge nerd and she has a pixie cut currently in the process of being grown out.

Her eyes, thought to be brown, are actually green-brown HAZEL! This is a new discovery.

Roleplaying Edit

  • Taken
  • Just Your Normal High School

NaNo Family Edit

NaNo Sister Edit

Anix_Nightshade (Anix)

Most Used Threads Edit

  • NaNoWriMo TV (back in the old site days)
  • Poisoned Teacup
  • Ship It or Rip It
  • Kiss, Marry, Banish (previously Kiss, Marry, Kill)

Discord Edit

Bookdragon prefers the Curious People Discord Server over the NaNo forums, and can usually be found there when she is on the computer.

Novel Edit

Bookdragon is currently in the process of writing a novel that she has been working on since she started NaNo, and plans to publish it under the pen name Europa Lee Miller.

The Nickname Edit

For some strange reason, Pugapocalypse has begun calling bookdragon "Biokdragon" or "Biork". There is no apparent reason for this, at least that Pugapocalypse has let slip.

Fandoms Edit

You can often find bookdragon obsession over Hetalia and her OTP (UKUS, a.k.a. LiberTea). She also loves Hamilton, Throne of Glass, Homestuck, Stranger Things, and lots of other book series.