Anix is a new-siter who lives in Australia. They created the original Truth or Dare thread, thank you very much.

They've had several usernames over the years. Their current one is probably something along the lines of 'fensandmarshes' or 'fensandpyres', and past ones include 'AidanOfAvalon', 'AnixOfAvalon', 'ApplesOfAvalon , 'Anix_Nightshade', 'fennybear', and the original and iconic 'Anix_Annabeth'.

They are the only Nanoer to have been removed from the forums twice (both times for being too young).

They're a witch, and post frequently on that thread in G&C, as well as the QUILTBAG thread and various things on Recess. If you can call it 'frequently'. They ... probably shouldn't be in the list of active Nanoers, let's be real here.

They're on the QUILTBAG Discord, Curious People, QC, TNG, the Nano-wide server, and 'nano movie nights' as Anix#5381. You can contact them there, through email (@/ or, if necessary, through Instagram (@/possiblyanix).